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Why Contact Lenses Are a Great Option for Teens

No adolescent likes to be seen wearing something that makes them stand out, and for a lot of teenagers, glasses sometimes seem that way. Adolescents can balk at the thought of being seen in eyeglasses and looking ''uncool''. As opposed to glasses, kids and teens who wear lenses feel a significant enhancement in their looks, says a recently published study. The study results show that beginning from the age of eight, kids may prefer being given the choice of lenses. Results were recorded in the November issue of Eye & Contact Lens, published by the Contact Lens Association.

So why are contact lenses so crucial for teenagers? Adolescents are self-conscious, and they often feel more positive about themselves when they don't have glasses being the focus of their appearance. Contact lenses can increase a teenager's self-esteem by giving them a less obvious alternative for vision correction.

Moreover, contact lenses can be better for teenagers who play sports. For teenagers, contact lenses can be safer than eyeglasses in many circumstances. Unlike eyeglasses, lenses are a lot more durable during football, and other rough sports. Contact lenses are also more comfortable when playing activities that necessitate face shields. In providing a complete range of vision, they can also enhance teen's peripheral vision during sport activities.

Generally before your child chooses lenses you will want to ask your optometrist to go over any possible issues your child might encounter. Our Virginia Beach, VA, optometry practice will be glad to assist you to determine the right prescription for your young adult's contact lenses.

If your child or teenager is in need of vision correction, why not try contacts? Through just a simple contact lens, you can boost your teen's self-esteem. With the large variety of lenses on the market, you and your eye care practitioner can work with your child to decide what type of lens is most suitable for their character and style of life.