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Cosmetics Tips for Lens Wearers from your Virginia Beach, VA Optometrist

For those who wear contacts there are a few precautions that should be taken in regard to using cosmetics. Here are some basic pointers on ways to ensure you keep your eyes beautiful and healthy.

Purchasing Cosmetics

First of all, eye care professionals advise you purchase only brands that are free of oils and fragrances. Additionally, to prevent peeling and smearing, which could end up irritating your lenses, buy water-resistant mascara and eye liner pencils. Lastly it's important to switch cosmetics used on your eyes frequently - ideally replace mascara each month, eyeliner every 3 months and eye shadows every six months.

How to Safely Apply Cosmetics

Make sure you rinse your hands before putting in your lenses. Apply all eye makeup gently so you won't jostle your contacts. Try not to touch a brush or liner to the lid inside the lashes and apply mascara from the midpoint of the eyelashes instead of the bottom near the lid. Never let another use your makeup or apply when the eyes are swollen or irritated.

In addition to taking off eye makeup daily try to think ahead and opt for glasses when dying or treating your hair with a chemical.

Adhering to these guidelines when using cosmetics when wearing contact lenses can prevent red, swollen or infected eyes and damage to lenses.

If your eyes are swollen or infected avoid wearing any cosmetics around the eyes. Don't hesitate to contact your optometrist if you have any redness, discomfort, or itchiness. Our Virginia Beach, VA eye doctor can assist you with any contact issues that you may be having.