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National Glaucoma Awareness Month

Since this month marks National Glaucoma Awareness Month, in this article we would like to emphasize the importance of being aware of the threat of this vision threatening disease. Glaucoma is a group of progressive ocular disorders that damage the eye's optic nerve, which can cause a loss of vision. When uncontrolled, the disease often first shows up as vision loss in the periphery of the visual field and then moves to a complete loss of vision. Glaucoma is the leading cause of preventable blindness and over 60 million individuals around the world have the vision threatening condition.

The main source of glaucoma is considered to be an increase in pressure around the optic nerve. As pressure around the eye increases, this damages the optic nerve which transmits messages to the vision centers in the brain. When this pathway is damaged vision is impaired. At the current time, damage to the optic nerve is usually untreatable.

The most concerning characteristic of glaucoma is that unlike other causes of blindness, there are no indicators that serve as a warning until irreparable damage is done.
This is why glaucoma has obtained the nickname the "sneak thief of sight." The question is: how is it possible to prevent an illness which lacks any obvious symptoms?

Early diagnosis of the disease is the key to effective care. Although glaucoma risk is universal, specific groups are more at risk than others. Risk factors for glaucoma may include those over 45, those having a family history of glaucoma, a predisposition to diabetes, or other eye conditions such as myopia, hyperopia, eye injuries or elevated intraocular pressure.

An effective way to detect glaucoma is to contact an optometrist. There are a number of diagnostic eye examinations relied on by doctors to check the beginnings of glaucoma. Especially if you are 45 or older or have one of the other risk factors named above, make sure to book a comprehensive eye exam annually.

Unfortunately for the most part glaucoma cannot be prevented. That being said, the damage to the optic nerve and deterioration of vision may be prevented by a reliable diagnosis and prompt treatment. Don't delay! Contact Morgan Vision Care now, for annual glaucoma screening.