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Allergies Q&A with Dr Morgan

1) Please describe the more common symptoms, as well as some of the less common and less known symptoms of Eye Allergies.
 More common symptons are swollen lids, itchy, red, tearing eyes.  Less common is a filmy substance that gets on the eyelids 
2) Is there anything unique about allergies that affect the eyes, or is this the same as general allergies?
Uniqueness is when you rub your itchy eyes , it makes the itchness that much more intense after you stop rubbing
3) What causes Eye Allergies?
Pollen, allergy meds, 
4) Is it true that there are certain times of the year that are worse, or is the whole year a problem?
 That depends on the client, majority have seasonal but there are some who do have bad allergies the entire year
5) What type of treatment options are available for patients that come in to see their optometrist with eye allergy symptoms?
Allergy drops or steroid to calm down the inflammation, that varies on the severity and how long will be treating for and what has been the most effective.

6) Are there treatments for eye allergies that offer permanent relief, or only temporary?
Not sure to say a permanent cure but there are treatment options to help manage 

7) Is it possible to wear contact lenses without causing additional discomfort?
Absolutely I tend to recommend daily disposal contacts because you are putting a fresh new lenses daily so that pollen( or whatever is in the air); your essentially decreasing the build up on the the lenses that an cause your eyes to be irirated.
8) Can you provide general recommendations that may help people suffering from Eye Allergies?
Cold compresses, allergy drops, frequent changing of clothes and linen

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