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All About Polarized Eyewear

girl in sunglasses2What makes polarized lenses worth buying? Well, polarized lenses are not only fashionable with many different designer frames, that protect your eyes and ensure long-term health. If polarized lenses were helpful, then why do most athletes wear them? Most of us don't realize that a good pair of sunglasses do a lot more for your eyes than cheap $5 ones over the counter because those are often tinted, cheaply made, and don't even have the right prescription.
Unbeknownst to the casual observer, UV rays and glare  can damage your eyesight slowly without the proper protection. Polarized eyewear relies on a unique filter that protects your eyes from intense light that has been caused by light reflecting off of flat surfaces like car hoods, water, or snow on the ground. The intense light then reflects onto the eye horizontally, meaning it doesn't scatter in a normal fashion, and if the glare is too intense, the light can even lead to a momentary state of blindness, which can be quite dangerous in certain situations.
Polarized lenses provide unparalleled visual acuity to people who play sports, visit the beach, or go jogging in the early morning. Plus, aside from reducing glare, polarized lenses can reduce haze for clear vision. A minor downside is that polarized lenses make LCD or LED screens harder to read, but not all lenses have this issue. Many polarized sunglasses can be cut with your exact prescription, even if you need bifocals or progressive lenses.
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