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Eye Exams for Healthy Vision

Regardless of your age or physical health, it’s important to have regular eye exams.

During a complete eye exam, Dr. Morgan of Morgan Vision Care will not only determine your prescription for eyeglasses or contact lenses, but will also check your eyes for common eye diseases, assess how your eyes work together as a team and evaluate your eyes as an indicator of your overall health.

A typical eye exam includes:

  1. Front of the eye
  2. Back of the eye
  3. Refraction / Distance vision
  4. Preliminary & eye movement, such as tracking issues and pressure response.

A comprehensive eye exam includes a number of tests and procedures to examine and evaluate the health of your eyes and the quality of your vision. These tests range from simple ones, like having you read an eye chart, to complex tests, such as using a high-powered lens to examine the health of the tissues inside of your eyes.

One of our tests at Morgan Vision Care uses the Proview Pressure Monitor to check pressure against the eye, which can detect signs of glaucoma. We also use digital imaging, where we take an in-depth picture of the eye to evaluate the health of blood vessels, blood pressure, and retinal health as well as record your eye’s status. We review your health records with you to keep your eye health up to date. Another part of the examination checks for how light passes through the eye. Some conditions like multiple sclerosis (MS) or tumors can be discovered.Eyecare experts recommend you have a complete eye exam every one to three years, depending on your age, risk factors, and physical condition.

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