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FAQs on Designer Eyeglasses & Frames

Versace2 - designer eyeframes

Most Common FAQs on Eye Glasses & Frames | Optical Store in Virginia Beach

Is it bad to wear my old designer glasses with an old prescription?  What's the best way to replace them?

Yes, I would say it is not the best decision to wear any old prescription unless they will be used as a back-up or supplement to your corrected vision. However, if you prefer to keep your old frame, and it is still in a condition to handle the new lenses of your updated prescription then by all means. We have opticians that would be happy to thoroughly inspect the condition and accommodate you.

What is one of your favorite brands? How is it different? Any advantages over other brands?

Tom Ford is one of the most sought after and innovative styles in our dispensary. We have had clients purchase frames unseen as well as appreciate the quality of the frame. I'm very particular when it comes to comfort of the frame, and  Tom Ford frames have been a pleasant surprise. I discovered that each frame is hand-made and takes 100 days to assemble each frame! We have clients who love the fact of how light they feel on their face and not to mention the very clean distinctive look without much advertising of the brand anywhere on the frame.

What's the best way to select a good pair of eyeglasses? Can I get a top designer brand & get the best protection for my eyes?

I feel that the best way to select a great pair of eyeglasses would be to use a team effort. I generally interact with the client during the exam and then all information is discussed along with the optician.  They are trained to consider the shape of your face along with the size and listen to exactly how the client prefers for their customized glasses to perform.

What's the difference between buying eyeglasses online or from a Doctor of Optometry?

The biggest difference between buying online or through a private practice would be the experience in my opinion. Under our care, you get to be more hands-on and ensured the quality of your purchase. The measurements and quality assurance we provide are critical to guarantee that you are seeing your best at all times. Our opticians take the time to make sure that you are educated thoroughly and that you are making informed decisions before purchasing with a 1yr warranty.

Is there a difference between a cheap pair of regular sunglasses versus designer sunglasses?

I believe once you put on a pair of polarized sunglasses you will understand and appreciate the difference. The clarity and the difference in color is amazing. It is also one of the best ways to protect your eyes from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. A "regular" pair of sunglasses is better than nothing (along with wearing a hat) in protecting your eyes from the sun, but there is no comparison to polarized sunglasses